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It's a Live Preview of the best GST ready Hotel Billing Software which allows fast and easy operations. Upgrade your Billing Software!

Restrain is the best hotel management software in India. The hotel industry is a demanding industry in many ways. You need to have the perfect hotel management software solution to cater to the demands of the hospitality industry. The answer is the RESTRAIN HOTEL BILLING software. RESTRAIN HOTEL BILLING is the perfect software solution to take care of the daily restaurant operations. 

FEATURES INCLUDE: 1. Service Management 2. Tables Mangement 3. Food or Beverages Management 4. KOT Management 5. POS Management 6. GST Ready and GST Management 7. Day-wise, Week-wise and Month-wise Reports 8. Automatic Email and SMS Sendings 9. Easy Installation and Operations. 10. Without the Internet (Offline Application) 11. Take-Away Management 12. Stock and Material Management and many more.. You can also get a customized version of your preferences.


Service Management

Manage muliple services with different prices example AC, Non-AC, Delux, and Family Cousines.

Tables Management

Managing Tables and Table wise bookings and billings so simple. Never miss a single bill.

Food or Beverages Management

Easily manage food stock and beverages stock with Restrain billing software.

KOT Management

Simple KOT ( Kitchen Order Ticket) Mangement inbuilt in this software.

POS Management

Fastest POS ( Poin of Sale ) in India. Enjoy billing system quickly.

GST Ready and GST Management

GST Ready by default, Configure custom GST Slabs anytime. and Manage SGST and CGST Seperately.

Day-wise, Week-wise and Month-wise Reports

Get infomatics of reports very easy and customizable reports lik daily, weekly, and monthly reports with accurate results.

Automatic Email and SMS Sendings

Get business sales report to email or SMS automatically by default. Never miss anything out of sight.

Take-Away Management

Manage efficiently TAKE AWAY (Parcel) services quickly. 

Stock and Material Managemen

Measure the stock and items easily.

An extremely user-friendly software solution, you have advanced features such as Front office management, food and beverage costing, Inventory management, and others. Don't Miss to try the best hotel management software in India. Why Waiting call us for Live Demo.